Beauty for Ashes


‘’There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature – the assurance that

dawn comes after night, spring after winter’’ - Rachel Carson


This current body of work has evolved after time spent in the bush and on the South Coast –

where the remnants of the previous summer’s bushfires still remained with debris lying

pushed and entangled on the shore, smoothed and changed by repeated washing of tides.

Small and large limbs of branches lay intertwined, scorched and twisted creating such

unexpected beauty, and bearing monumental witness to the past seasons.

My desire is to inscribe some of the cycle of renewal and decay that nature reveals in

its rhythm. Some works have natural pigments from the landscape – clay, charcoal and ash in

them. Expressing vision & feeling through line, gesture, shape & colour. By using diverse

mark making and letting unexpected, random connections and juxtapositions speak.

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Mountain of Hope.jpg
Road into Town.jpg
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Oil of Joy.jpg
Beauty for Ashes.jpg
The Branch.jpg